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Q125 Celebration

Welcome to Pilger..A Town Too Tough to Die!

 Slide Show #1  http://tinyurl.com/pilgerq125-1   
    (This is from a DVD that Jean & Stan Groth made. The DVD has 6 different clips so there will be more to come.        
     Thanks to Jean and Stan for sharing.)

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Pilgers Q125 Celebration July 20 through 22, 2012
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The Village of Pilger is a small rural community with a population of 378. We have often been referred to as “A Town Too Tough To Die”. Pilger is located in Northeast Nebraska one mile south of the Highway 275/15 South junction in Stanton County. 

The present site of Pilger was taken by Peter Schauble as a homestead. The homestead was then purchased by Peter Pilger. In 1880 the Village of Pilger was platted by the Elkhorn Valley Land and Town Co. On June 11, 1887, the county officially incorporated Pilger as a village.

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Pilgers Q125 Committee Members:
Keenan Meyer, Angela Denton, Amy Petersen, Susan Meyer, Heather Kneifl, Virgene Jensen, Linda Oertwich are some of the members.

Winners of the Raffle Items below

         John Pilger                Jayda Oligmueller         Carol Topp